9 Nov

Wine Tasting Events Guest Blog

Wine Tasting Events -Guest Blog

I am pleased to have recently met someone with great passion for wine tasting events,I have asked them to write a guest Blog for Wizardry Entertainments as we are now offering the wine tasting event service to our portfolio

Lisa Manchester Wine School

Lisa our Wine Tasting Expert

As with all Wizardry Entertainment Events organisers we strive to bring you the very best out there

I hope you enjoy this blog by Lisa from our new organiser of Wine tasting events for Wizardry explaining her top tips for organising a great wine tasting event.

Guest Blog-Lisa Moreton

How to organise a wine tasting event

So you’ve decided on something a little different to entertain your guests, a wine tasting, but what makes a good wine tasting event and what should you be finding out from your supplier?

Lisa shares some useful points to consider:

  1. You need an event format that is going to entertain all your guests, regardless of their age and/or experience of wine. An event where some of your guests do not feel included could leave them feeling disappointed.
  2. What sort of activities will be included in the wine tasting event and how long will it last?
  3. A lot of wine tasting companies will offer you a cheaper quote because they will want to sell you (and your guests) wine after the event. Consider whether you want, or it is appropriate, for this to happen at your event
  4. Check what is, and is not, included in the price, and what are their payment terms?
  5. What equipment will the wine tasting company bring and is there anything you need to organise with the venue?
  6. Give the wine tasting company the name and contact details of the person you have booked the venue with, if there is anything to organise a good company should be able to liaise with the venue to do this for you at no extra cost
  7. Don’t have a venue? Ask the wine tasting company if they can find you one, they probably have loads of contacts within their local area as they are doing wine events all the time.
  8. Does the company you choose use educated wine tutors? By that I mean do they know what they are talking about and have qualifications to prove it? The last thing you want is someone who knows their script but cannot interact with, and answer ad-hoc questions from, your guests
  9. The wonders that are ‘Social Media’ and the ‘Internet’ are a great resource to find reviews and opinions of the company you are thinking about appointing, use them to get a balanced view of what their events are like!
  10. Before your final decision is made call the wine tasting company you are thinking about using and speak to someone, you can tell a lot about a company by the way you are spoken to on the phone. You want them to sound enthusiastic and if you have any suggestions are they happy to take them on board or adapt their event format to suit you if at all possible? I believe they should be.


So there you have it my top ten tips for a wine tasting event. Happy organising!

Lisa is a well established organiser of amazing wine tasting event in Manchester

Call 0161 799 7978 for further details on our wine tasting events at Wizardry

Carl Royle


Wizardry Entertainments Ltd



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