Wedding Singers add the live music experience to your wedding and create an amazing atmosphere when used as part of your celebration.

There are many kinds of wedding singers that can be utilised in many different ways:

Wedding Singers for your Ceremony

Wedding Singers For Hire ManchesterYou can have a classical or contemporary wedding Singer to sing songs of your choice as you walk down the isle and through the signing of the register.This can be so much more personal than just having recorded music during this special period.If you are thinking of using a live singer for your wedding ceremony give one of our wedding entertainment experts a call today for friendly impartial advice.We can provide options of male and female wedding singers with photos and sound clips.

Wedding Singers for your Drinks Reception

Whether you are thinking of having a piano vocal artist or a wedding singer that will perform background music throughout your drinks reception there are many options that Wizardry Entertainment Agency can help you with.

Live background music always adds to the quality of the party atmosphere at any special event especially weddings.Having a quality singer sing your favourite songs for you and your guests creates amazing memories.

All Wizardry Singers are self contained with there own quality PA and sound equipment.

Singers for your Wedding Breakfast

A live singer to sing background music as people enjoy the wedding breakfast is always very popular with guests.We have many different types of singers that are suitable for this period of your wedding.

You can choose the type of songs your wedding singer sings for you and they will also make sure some of your specific favourites are catered for and performed at appropriate times through out the meal.

Wizardry can supply wedding singers that sing anything from Jazz Standards to contemporary Love songs for your wedding breakfast.

Wedding Singers for your evening reception

wedding-singer2Whether you want someone to be singing background music as guests arrive for your evening wedding reception,a live vocal artiste to fill the dance floor as a contrast to your wedding DJ or a mixture of both then Wizardry Entertainment agency can ensure you get the wedding singer you are looking for.

Swing singers are particularly popular at weddings and can always do two sets with one as slow background standards and a dance set later on.This is always a great contrast to the DJ as you are using a specific type of music.

Wizardry are lucky enough to have relationships and work with some of the best wedding singers in the country so if you are looking to book a wedding singer for your special day give one of our wedding entertainment specialists a call today

Wedding DJ/Singers

Many of our wedding DJs are also brilliant vocal artists and a very cost effective way of having an amazing DJ and live singer.Ask one of our wedding entertainment experts about the Options of Wedding DJ/Singers that we can offer for your special day

Also see singing waiters for another amazing option for live vocal entertainment throughout the meal at your wedding celebration.

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