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Using An Entertainment Agency

Wizardry Entertainment Agency Manchester


Using An Entertainment Agency for your Event Needs 

Using an entertainment agency for your  needs can take away a lot of work and worry from organising your special event so you can concentrate on other details.

Whether you are organising a Wedding Reception,Corporate Event or even a private party, if you can build a trust and relationship with a quality agent you will reap the rewards of having a lot of the

Entertainment agency manchester

So pleased we booked through an agency

hassle of organising live entertainment direct with artists removed.

You have had an idea of what you would like as entertainment at your event so you do an internet search and find there are hundreds of caricaturists and bands with really good web sites and all saying how brilliant they are.

Remember these web sites were more than likely written by the performer and of course they are going to say they are brilliant!!

With one phone call you can speak to your local Entertainment Agency where the staff have genuine experience in making sure you get the right entertainment for your event.

Not all entertainers are the same and a good  entertainment agent will be an expert in putting round pegs in round holes. You may not want a Punk Street Magician at your high brow corporate event but the same act would be a brilliant fit in a night club

If you look at the front page of the Wizardry Entertainment Agency web site I have listed the main reasons you should consider using an entertainment agency

The main crux of the advice is that a very good agency can save you time money and guarantee quality.

Saving Time

Can using an entertainment agency really save you time?

Especially if you are looking for multiple options and also more than one kind of entertainer for your event .

Surfing the internet trawling through web sites of people you do not know can be time consuming and laborious.If you do take pot luck and book an artiste in this way you then have the stress of wondering are they really going to be as good as the said they are?

An entertainment agency will do all the pre vetting for you and give you options and ideas you may not even have thought of

Yes an Entertainment can save you a lot of time

Saving Money

using an agency for entertainment

Yes we used an entertainment agency

Saving money just because of the time savings is one thing but you may be surprised to know that it can be more cost effective using an entertainment agency.

As agencies use certain types of entertainment on a very regular basis they can sometimes negotiate more cost effective fees for you

Also if you are buying a number of things through an agency you may be able to negotiate a package price

When this is matched with the time savings you can see how using an agency becomes a more attractive option

Guarantee quality

With the volume of events a quality entertainment agency will be dealing with they will have accumulated feedback and booking trends on all their entertainers

It in any entertainment agency’s interest to only give best possible advice on the entertainers they have available to continue their own good reputation

A quality entertainment agency will recommend artistes with confidence giving you background and reference to other events the entertainer may have worked in the past

As we say on the Wizardry Entertainment Agency web site

Why should you use an entertainment agency?

  • Free Impartial Advice on how to get the best from your entertainment
  • Guaranteed Quality through pre-vetting and use of acts at previous events
  • Experienced event managers to give you ideas you may not have thought of
  • All your entertainment needs in one place to save you time and money
  • Wedding and corporate entertainment experts to help you maximise your budget

If you need any advice on entertainment give your local quality entertainment agency a call today


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Wizardry Entertainment Agency


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