Race Night Hire ManchesterA fun option for a themed corporate event is the Race Night. This is a great alternative to the Fun Casino if you are still looking for a gambling type event.

The really amazing thing about race nights is they can take many forms even though the basic idea stays the same.

Race nights work at any size of corporate event. At Wizardry Entertainment Agency we have organised company race nights for small departmental events of around thirty people to fully themed company events with hundreds of people.

Race nights can be run in two main ways:

Charity Race Night Hire for Corporate Events

The Idea of a charity race night is to raise money for your chosen cause.This means that you use real money for placing bets on the races. As the whole thing is classed as a lottery no gaming licence is needed.

At we use a tote system when working out the odds a percentage of the money taken as bets can be held back and used for your chosen charity.

There are also other fun ways to raise money by having horse ownership and race sponsors. We will give you many more ideas when you are booking your race night event.

If you are having a charity fundraising corporate event a race night is always a great option.

Give wizardry a call today we would love to help with your next race night.

Fun Money Race Night Hire for Corporate Events

Race Night EntertainmentA lot of companies are not able to put on race nights with real money as it is seen as gambling. As with Fun Casino we can provide Race Nights using fun money and just have a prize for the winner at the end of the night.

This is a great team building event for departments as Race nights create excitement and banter with a bit of competition between work colleagues.

If you are interested in a Fun Money Race Night give Wizardry a call today we love to help.

Wizardry Entertainment Agency have been providing Race nights to corporate clients for over fifteen years.

No matter how large or small your event we can taylor a race night package to suit you.

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