Jazz Musicians Hire ManchesterJazz music comes in many forms and Wizardry Entertainment Agency can help you find the right kind of Jazz Music for your next event.

Wizardry can cater for any size event with Jazz Music.Whether it be a small drinks reception with the need for background music to a large banquet with a Jazz Band playing through the meal.

Jazz Music means a lot of different things to a lot of different people so we are pleased to say that over the years we have built up relationships with musicians,Bands and singers that enable us to please all tastes and requirements.

If you are looking for a Jazz singer with backing tracks up to a Jazz Orchestra just give one of the Wizardry Entertainment Agency managers a call and we will be pleased to recommend artistes for your event.

We would love to help if you are looking for:

  • Solo Jazz/Swing Singers
  • Piano, Vocal Jazz Duo
  • Piano, Saxophone Instrumental Duo
  • Three Piece Instrumental Jazz Trio
  • Big Band Jazz and Swing Orchestra

Most of the Jazz Musicians and singers we use at Wizardry Entertainment Agency are utilised at Wedding Receptions, Private Parties and Corporate events as background music.

jazz2Wizardry also have the ability to but on Jazz Recital/concerts at anything from and intimate venue to open air concerts.Just ask one of our event managers for more details of how we can help you create a special Jazz Event.

We said that Jazz comes in many shapes and sizes and another popular type of Jazz over the years has been the Dixie Jazz bands ideal for garden parties and weddings.

If you have any questions or need more information on booking Jazz for your next event please call one of our Entertainment Managers today. We love to help.

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