Fun Fair Hire Manchester

One of the most popular themes for a fun event booked from Wizardry Events Agency is our Authentic Fun Fair Hire of Stalls and associated acts.

Available from Wizardry are Coconut Shy, Cork Gun targets, Balls in Jar, Hook a Duck, Test of Strength, Donkey Derby, Bucking Bronco and many more ideas. Stalls can be both round and long so we can maximise any space you have at your venue.

As well as fun fair stalls we can also organise authentic food to fit the theme. This can include Popcorn candyfloss donuts and event an ice cream bike.

All events with this theme are always immense fun with great participation for everyone you can even add wandering performers such as Stilt Walkers Tarot Readers Pick Pocket Magicians, Bunco Booth con men.

If you were interested in having a fun Fair theme event give one of our event managers a call today we would love to help you.

There are so many options for an event with this theme we will help you get best value for your budget by helping chose the most appropriate entertainment for your chosen venue.

Call now we love to help!

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