Fun Casino Hire Manchester

One of the most booked interactive themed entertainment form is ourĀ Fun Casino Hire.

Creating the authentic gaming experience with superb equipment and friendly experienced staff ensures that Wizardry Entertainment Agency can provide this most memorable addition to your event.

Our Fun Casino is a really nice way to cement a theme such as:

  • Las Vegas
  • James Bond
  • Wild West
  • Black and White Ball

Tables available include Roulette Tables, Blackjack Tables, Dice Tables, Poker Tables.

Wizardry Entertainment Agency bring all the authentic equipment and staff so you do not have to worry about your fun casino as your pit boss manager will take care of everything.

Our friendly staff will give out fun money that can even be personalised with company details or a wedding couples photo, guests can change their fun money for chips at the gaming tables and enjoy the authentic gaming experience.

What if guests do not know how to play the fun casino games?

All our fun casino staff love helping guests to learn how to play any of the games whether it be the odds on roulette, to how to play blackjack, or even dice games.

The amazing thing about fun casino is even though it can get a little competitive the main thing is that guests just have lots of interactive fun whilst playing.

Some guests even want to have a try at dealing and we do give people the opportunity to do this.Dealing in a casino is not as easy as we can make it look so it can create a lot of fun when guests have a try at being a Roulette Dealer or a Blackjack Dealer!

Ideal for wedding receptions, Corporate Events and private parties or as an attraction on a trade show stand.

If you would like more information on how our fun casino hire works and how to fit an authentic gaming experience into your next event call one of our expert event managers today. We love to help.

Other entertainment that fits in really well with Wizardry Fun Casino are Magicians, Jazz Singers, Lounge Pianists.

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