Fun Casino CorporateWizardry Fun Casino gives the authentic gaming experience at your corporate event so guests can have interactive fun and enjoy playing, winning and obviously sometimes losing their shirt!!!

As the name fun casino implies, the casino is always only played by guests with fun money so nobody really loses.

With choices of casino tables from Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Dice, Wheel of fortune – you can design your casino experience to suit your corporate event.

Poker nights are also very popular for corporate events with our dealer teaching everyone how to play the game and then allow everyone to enjoy the Poker Tournament experience.

When you book a Wizardry Entertainment Agency casino experience you are guaranteed top class gaming equipment and staff. From the top class tables to the friendly croupiers.

Guests enjoy receiving their fun money which can be personalised to your company name if needed.They then exchange their notes for gaming chips to play on any of the tables.

If guests do not know how to play any of the games our friendly staff will teach the basics to them so they can enjoy the gaming experience.

Fun Casino fits into many themes which makes it one of the most popular forms of corporate entertainment.

Popular themes include:

  • James Bond Casino
  • Las Vegas Experience
  • Wild West Saloon
  • Black and White Balls
  • Cruise Ship Theme

If you are thinking of using a Fun Casino at your next corporate event give one of our corporate entertainment specialists a call today for free impartial advice on making your event the best it could possibly be.

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