Caricaturists for WeddingsOne of the most booked type of interactive entertainment is the wandering caricaturist.

The caricaturist mixes and mingles drawing cartoon pictures of guests they can keep and cherish for years to come.

The caricaturists drawing is also a great souvenir and reminder of the special event.Many people have told us they get them framed and smile every time they look at their special piece of art.

Caricaturists can be utilised at different times in the day such as drinks reception,Wedding breakfast,evening reception or event the gap between the end of the meal and the start of evening reception.

At Wizardry entertainment agency we consider ourselves experts in the best way to use wedding entertainment at your special day.

If you are considering using a caricaturist at your wedding give one of our entertainment managers a call today for impartial advice on the best way to use a caricaturist.

Wedding Caricaturists for HireMany caricaturists have different styles of drawing and can distort people to different extents depending on who they may be drawing and the banter they have with the guest.

All Wizardry Entertainment Agency caricaturists mix and mingle with guests so you do not have to approach them they will come to you.

All our Caricaturists will also draw a special piece of art for the bride and groom.

Over many years we have been lucky enough to build relationships with some of the best wedding caricaturists around.

If you have any questions or to book a caricaturist for your wedding call us today.

You can see examples of some of our caricaturists work here.

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